The Tri-State Area Tuition Mission Foundation —was launched in 1962. The first awards totaled $9,750, and were made in June 1963 to 20 needy students from school districts in eastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia. The Foundation is administered by a Board of Directors (representing each of the school districts) and Foundation Officers.

Since 1992, no funds have been used for operating expenses. Instead, all operating expenses are covered by the in-kind contributions of a few generous supporters. We know of no other local charitable organization which can match our boast that 100% of the funding raised goes directly to the charity’s beneficiaries.  The only exception to this rule are those funds which donors have requested be invested, which means that we award only the income from the invested funds.  Our belief is that we have the only chapter which awards every penny of the funds donated, other than those funds which the donors have requested be invested.  Other chapters use an average of 49%—nearly half!—of donated funds for operating expenses and other costs.

Perhaps the most compelling evidence which supports our work is the fact that " . . . for each $1,000 of subsidy, the college attendance rate rises by four to six percentage points . . . Aid eligibility also appears to increase completed schooling" (taken from "The Behavioral and Distributional Implications of Aid for College," by Susan Dynarski of the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, published in American Economic Review, 2002).  Clearly, the availability of Tuition Mission Foundation aid makes a tremendous difference for many dozens of tri-state area students each year.

Effective immediately, the online payment option is no longer available. Instead, please mail all future repayments and donations to:

         Tuition Mission Foundation
         P. O. Box 458
         East Liverpool, OH 43920 

Accepting repayments on-line was not as cost-effective as we had hoped.  As a result, we are returning to accepting checks and money orders for repayments and donations. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you are a past recipient, we encourage you to send your e-mail address to TuitionMissionFoundation@gmail.com so that we may e-mail repayment statements to you. This will be a considerable help with our cost-saving efforts.